Wei Jiaming
DATE:14 November 2017
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Wei Jiaming (male, born in 1981, CPC member, senior engineer, and national-level certified consulting engineer) now serves as the general manager of the Chemical Department, director of Baiyin Branch, and the general manager of Namibia subsidiary of China ENFI Engineering Corporation.

He was graduated from the College of Materials Science and Engineering of Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2003. Since he began to work, he has been mainly engaged in engineering design, technology development, product development, production management, market development, project management, etc., undertaken technical research & development and engineering design in multiple metallurgical and chemical fields, and acted as the project manager, design manager or specialty principal in charge of multiple projects during the design, research, construction and commissioning process.

In recent years, as the head of the Chemical Department, taking into account of the actual situation of the industry, the strategies of the Corporation and the situation of the Department, and on one hand, based on the traditional advantages, he focuses on marketing work to expand the new emerging fields and to accelerate the development of international market according to the requirement put forward by China Metallurgical Group Corporation, i.e. “the top leaders shall grasp the marketing work personally, and the veteran leaders shall expand the market”; and on the other hand, he gives full play to his ability in technical research, actively promotes technical innovation, achieves a lot in the environment protection field and makes breakthrough in the transformation of such achievement, which helps China ENFI to gradually develop independent proprietary techniques in the treatment of three wastes in the nonferrous metals industry and the resource recycling technology system, and effectively upgrades China ENFI’s core market competitiveness and industrial influence in the special fields.

He has obtained 15 patents successively, with 7 granted patents for invention and 4 patents for utility models, which greatly improves China ENFI’s core market competitiveness in the Chemical business. His major technical achievements include: promotion of the desulfurization technology of removing and recovering SO2 in the nonferrous metals industry and the steel industry for the first time; organization of improvement and engineering work in the traditional fluidized roasting technology; and organization of the development of ZnO desulfurization technology and its industrialization.

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