Shi Shihu
DATE:14 November 2017
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Shi Shihu (male, born in 1973, CPC member, and professorate senior engineer) graduated from the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Central South University with a bachelor degree in 1997 and then from the University of Science and Technology Beijing with a master degree in automation major in 2007. And now, he serves as the chief expert in the core expertise technology “mine filling” of China ENFI Engineering Corporation.

Over the years, he made multiple innovative achievements and won numerous honors (24 inventive patents, 5 state-level technology awards, 19 provincial and ministerial technology awards, “Beijing Excellent Model of Young Engineers”, “Excellent CPC Member of Centrally-administered Enterprise”, “Young Expert of Centrally-administered Enterprise”, selected to “The 1st Session of Excellent Young Experts, China Association of Work Safety”, selected to the “Top 10 Outstanding Young Persons of MCC”, and “Nominee of The 1st Session of Youth Medal”), and participated in preparing 1 manual and 1 monograph.

As the project leader and chief designer, he has undertaken the consulting, design and research of more than 10 large mines, and participated in multiple tasks for tackling technological problems (Tenth Five-Year Plan, “Four Batches” of the State Administration of Work Safety, “Key Technologies for Preventing Major Accidents of Work Safety” of the State Administration of Work Safety, etc.). And as the specialty principal, he has participated in the consulting and design of more than 10 large mines.

As the chief designer of Dongguashan Copper Mine, the most typical large deep mine, he proposed that the refrigeration cost and energy consumption in deep mines could be reduced a lot by combining the distribution of air pressure field with temperature rise. Besides, for a deep mine, he recommended the process of supplying air to the deep part and the shallow part separately and adjusting ventilation quantitatively as required at the air return side for ventilation, refrigeration or cooling, which significantly improved the efficiency of ventilation and refrigeration, and the process played an important role in energy saving, deep environment improvement and work safety.

With the process of “underground filling of potash salt mine”, the technical team he led solved such problems as surface subsidence, and substantially reduced environmental pollution. On the basis above, the development of potash salt mine in Laos, which drew high attention from the government of China, moved to the right track. This mining process was imitated by enterprises in trouble, and satisfactory economic benefits were obtained.

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