Li Ruogui
DATE:14 November 2017
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Li Ruogui (male, born in 1951, and CPC member) graduated from Central South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in 1977 and obtained employment in the same year. Now he serves as the professorate senior engineer and the chief project designer of China ENFI Engineering Corporation. He was awarded the National Labor Medal.

As of obtaining employment, he has been permanently engaged in nonferrous metallurgy design and research, and participated in, organized and achieved complete success in engineering design for more than 10 large- and medium-size nonferrous metal enterprises (Northwest Lead and Zinc Smelter, Wenzhou Smelter, Zhuzhou Smelter, Iran Zinc Smelter, Chifeng Smelter, Chengzhou Zinc Smelter, Bayannaoer Zijin Non-ferrous Metal Co., Ltd., etc.). Depending on his achievements, he won prizes of provincial and ministerial excellent engineering design and scientific and technological progress for many times, and made significant contributions to the development of the nonferrous metal industry. In 2002, he was awarded the National Labor Medal.

During the expansion and modification of several zinc smelting enterprises, he often went to the construction site and gave suggestions, which shortened the construction period and reduced investments. By making efforts to eliminate customers’ anxieties, he was trusted and praised by customers. In the field of professional design for heavy nonferrous metals metallurgy, he is hardworking, bold in undertaking heavy tasks, and innovation-minded. In particular, he accumulated rich experience in zinc smelting design, and solved a lot of technical problems. For zinc smelting design, he selected process flows in scientific and reasonable way according to characteristics of different materials, for the purpose of reducing investment, shortening construction period and assuring product quality. On the basis above, all his designs brought satisfactory economic and social benefits, and played an important role in accelerating technical modification of backbone enterprises in the field of nonferrous metals industry.

He is modest and hardworking. He has published multiple theses. In the times with continuous updating of zinc smelting technologies, he is standing on the international frontier of the zinc smelting technology “oxygen-enriched direct leaching” to make more contributions to promoting and developing zinc smelting technologies.

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