Deng Chao’an
DATE:14 November 2017
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Deng Chao’an (male, born in August 1965, and professorate senior engineer) graduated from the Minerals Department of Northeast University of Technology with a bachelor degree in July 1985, and then obtained a master degree in January 1988. He acted as specialty principal, chief designer of project and project manager, etc. of China ENFI Engineering Corporation. And now, he serves as the deputy chief engineer of ENFI.

For over 20 years, he participated in and organized design for more than 20 large- and medium-size beneficiation projects, and won multiple prizes (the prize of National Excellent Engineering Design, prize of Ministerial Excellent Engineering Design, prize of National and Ministerial Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievements, prize of Ministerial Scientific and Technological Award, etc.).

He innovatively created calculation models for beneficiation process design (poly-metallic material balance, discrete granularity simulation for crushing & screening system, design calculation and optimization of ore storage facility, etc.), and developed China’s first beneficiation process design optimization package with complement functions, which played an important role in the leapfrog development of China’s beneficiation process design calculation.

He is diligent, devoted, hardworking, meditative, highly ambitious and innovation-minded, and has a lofty professional ethics and a rigorous scientific spirit. He published more than 10 valuable theses and technical reports.

Honored as the National Design Master in Nonferrous Metals Industry in 2010, he is an excellent technical talent with outstanding contributions to the nonferrous metals industry, and well known in China’s field of mineral processing.

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