Liu Yuming
DATE:14 November 2017
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Liu Yuming (male, born in December 1964, CPC member, and professorate senior engineer) graduated from the Central South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy with a bachelor degree in 1984 and from the Central South University of Technology with a master degree in July 1987. And now, he serves as the deputy chief engineer of China ENFI Engineering Corporation and the chief expert for “block caving method” of the mining discipline of China ENFI Engineering Corporation. He was selected as The 1st Session of FIDIC Excellent Young Consulting Engineers, and is awarded the special government allowances of the State Council.

He has participated in the consulting, design and research of more than 30 super-large, large and medium-size mines, and as the chief project designer, organized and finished the consulting and design of Deep Mining Phases 2 and 3 of Tonglushan Mine, Sin Quyen (Vietnam) Copper Ore Mining, Beneficiation and Smelting Complex, Phase 2 of Zhongtiaoshan Tongkuangyu Mine, Xinjiang Asele Copper Mine, Jinchuan III Mine Development and Utilization, Donggou Molybdenum Mine, Sishanling Iron Mine and other projects. As a deputy chief engineer of China ENFI, he guided and participated in consulting and design of Dongtai (Laos) Potash Mine Verification Project, Bahuerachi (Mexico) Copper Mine and Pulang (Yunnan) Copper Mine. As a research group leader, he organized and completed such research projects as the “Monitoring of Steep Slope Mining and Reinforcement of Tonglushan Mine” and the “Technical Study on Underground Works Supports for High-stress Fragmented Ore and Rock ”, and obtained a range of research results of significant influence.

He has conducted in-depth studies on such processes as the “deep mining”, “block caving”, “cut-and-fill” and “combined process of open-pit mining and underground mining”, and published more than 10 theses, 4 of them were published at international conferences. As a chief editor, he participated in preparing multiple standards (Safety Regulations for Metal and Nonmetal Mines, etc.), and as an associate editor, he participated in preparing the Mining Engineer Manual.

He has won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress for 1 time and the first prize of National Excellent Consulting for 1 time, the copper award of National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design for 2 times, the first prize of Ministerial Scientific Research, Consulting and Design for 11 times and multiple other prizes. Honored as the National Design Master in Nonferrous Metals Industry in 2010, he is an excellent technical talent with outstanding contributions to the nonferrous metals industry, and well known in the field of mining.

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