Yan Dazhou
DATE:14 November 2017
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Yan Dazhou (male, born in April 1963, CPC member, professorate senior engineer, national labor model, and awarded special government allowances of the state council) was graduated as an undergraduate from the briquette specialization discipline of Central South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in 1985, and a postgraduate from the nonferrous metallurgy discipline of Central South University in June 1988. He acted as a discipline leader in charge, research group leader, deputy director, chief project designer, project manager etc. of China ENFI Engineering Corporation, and now serves as the deputy chief engineer of this corporation, the director of Rare Metals and Silicon Materials Design & Research Center, the director of National Engineering Laboratory of Polysilicon Preparation Technology, the deputy GM of SINOSICO, the member of the Expert Committee of Polysilicon Alliance and the deputy secretary general of China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance.

For over 20 years, he had undertaken scientific research and engineering design of cement, electrolytic aluminum, zirconium, titanium, rare earth smelting, rare earth applications, semiconductor materials (monocrystalline silicon, and polysilicon), etc. In recent years, he has been engaged in scientific research, engineering design and production management of polysilicon industrialization. He acted as the research group leader of the 863 Program in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan. With good abilities of tackling technological problem and innovating, he actively pushed and organized development of technologies with proprietary intellectual property rights, and dared to perform industrialization with new technologies. Under joint efforts made by his team, significant achievements were made in developing new technologies and transforming results in the field of polysilicon, and the creative technical system “closed cycle of materials, and comprehensive utilization of energy” (with proprietary intellectual property rights) for cleaner production of polysilicon was formed, to which he made outstanding contributions. He won the special prize of MCC Technology Award, the Award for Innovative Semiconductor Product and Technology of China, the first prize of Henan Scientific and Technological Progress, the first prize and second prize of Ministerial Excellent Engineering Design for 2 times respectively, the silver award of National Excellent Engineering Design for 1 time, and the awards for ministerial and national excellent engineering consulting achievements for multiple times. He organized preparation of 2 national standards, and applied 38 patents as one of the core patentees. Besides, he published more than 20 valuable theses and technical reports.

Honored as the National Design Master in Nonferrous Metals Industry in 2010, he is an excellent technical talent with outstanding contributions to the nonferrous metals industry, and well known in China’s field of polysilicon.

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