Wei Kejian
DATE:14 November 2017
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Wei Kejian (male, born in August 1960, CPC member, and professorate senior engineer) was graduated from the heavy metal smelting discipline of the Nonferrous Metallurgy Department of Northeast University of Technology in July 1982, and was awarded the Bachelor of Engineering. Now, he serves as the chief engineer of China ENFI Engineering Corporation and the chief expert of the nonferrous smelting discipline of China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC), and is awarded the special government allowances of the State Council.

In the recent 30 years, he has always been dedicated to engineering design, technical consulting and relevant studies for nonferrous smelting, and made significant contributions to improvement in technologies of heavy and nonferrous metal smelting, and development of the heavy and nonferrous metals industry. He organized development of the first copper synthetic furnace and the first large synthetic flash smelting furnace in the world, which were successfully applied in the comprehensive technical transformation for energy efficiency and emission reduction in copper smelting for JNMC. He organized the design of copper system modification project of Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd. The design reached international advanced levels in multiple major technical and economic indexes, setting a good example for similar technical transformations and innovations in China. In the engineering design, he participated in development of the “oxygen-enriched top-blown bath smelting technology”. He guided the design and construction of the first oxygen-enriched top-blown nickel bath smelting line in the world, and is currently organizing the development of “bottom-blown continuous copper smelting technology”. When tackling numerous technical problems in engineering design, he published multiple valuable theses and technical reports.

With a lofty professional ethics and a rigorous scientific spirit, he is a rare technological innovation talent and academic leader, and an expert universally commended in the field of engineering design. Honored as the National Non-ferrous Metal Design Master in 2010, he is an excellent technical talent with significant contributions to and reputable in the nonferrous metals industry.

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