Yu Changshun
DATE:14 November 2017
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Yu Changshun (born in 1959, CPC member, and professorate senior engineer) now serves as an academic leader of the mining discipline of China ENFI Engineering Corporation. He was titled as the “National Engineering Survey and Design Master” in 2008.

He is an excellent interdisciplinary talent for the international engineering business. He has organized more than 20 tasks concerning the mine design and study, won multiple prizes (the gold award of National Excellent Engineering Design, prizes of Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress and Ministerial Excellent Engineering Design, etc.) and published 4 theses on domestic or overseas academic conferences or publications. The major engineering projects organized by him reached contemporary international advanced levels. Besides, he played an important role in tackling technical problems in major construction projects, and greatly improved technical levels, economic benefits and social benefits of the projects. Some overseas projects in which he was involved are influential in the international mining industry. The Dexing Copper Mine, Saindak Copper-Gold Project, Sin Quyen Copper Complex, and other projects organized by him were all successfully put into trial run and production at one stroke. Depending on the tender he prepared for the mining right of Aynak Copper Mine, China ENFI Engineering Corporation was qualified for tender selection in competition with known transnational companies.

As an important academic leader of the mining discipline of China ENFI Engineering Corporation, he has made outstanding contributions to technical innovations and tackling technical problems in major construction projects. The “phased large open-pit steep slope mining” concept and design solution, which he took the lead to study and apply, has dramatically reduced the volume stripped during preproduction, and realized economic and effective development of multiple “dead mines” in China. He took the lead to put forward the ore and rock transport system that combines truck transport, primary crushing and long-distance belt conveyor, and select energy-saving programs as appropriate. For the preliminary and middle stages of nonferrous metal open-pit mining, when the haul distance of ore and rock falls in the range of economical operation, he adopted the semi-continuous development and transport program by taking into account of the flexibility of truck to improve the efficiency of transport. With the sharp increase in energy price, for the purpose of cost saving, he adopted optimal waste rock transport programs as appropriate with attention paid to energy efficiency and cost reduction.

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