Chen Dengwen
DATE:14 November 2017
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Chen Dengwen (male, born in August 1938, professorate senior engineer , national design master, and awarded special government allowances of the State Council) was graduated from the beneficiation discipline of Central South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (the predecessor of Central South University) in August 1964. He acted as the deputy chief engineer of China Nonferrous Engineering and Research Institute, the vice chairman of NFSOC Academic Committee of Beneficiation, the director of Beijing Society of Metals and the member of CGA Academic Committee of Beneficiation and Smelting. In 1997, he was elected as a member of the 9th CPPCC Beijing Municipal Committee.

He tracked, developed and promoted new beneficiation technology, especially his significant contributions to making China’s new CIP technique for gold recovery keeping abreast of the international advanced level. He won the second or higher prize of Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress and Ministerial Excellent Design for 5 times, and the third prize and fourth prize for 2 times.

In the design of Zhangjiakou gold mine, according to properties of ore there, he successfully organized the lab test work  and pilot-scale tests of the new technique for gold recovery from oxidized carbonaceous gold ores with thiourea, making this technique achieve the international advanced level at that time. He was the first advocator in the world that processed arsenic-bearing gold ores by CIP process with thiourea. In tackling technological problems for Jinduicheng No.2 Molybdenum Ore Concentrator, he suggested to design the No.3 concentrator (with capacity of 5 million tons) with the new process of “enhanced roughing, roughing concentrate thickening, reagent removal by washing, multi-stage regrinding, and beneficiation-smelting combination”. The suggestion enabled China’s molybdenum beneficiation technology keeping abreast of the international advanced level.

The study on Jinchuan nickel ore beneficiation with neutral media, which he participated in, made China’s nickel beneficiation technology keep abreast of the international advanced level.

He organized the design of a super large-sized key project – The No.3 60Kt/a Concentrator on Dexing Copper Mine. The project reached the international advanced level of the 1980s in terms of its processes, equipment, facilities layout and automation.

His success in experimental study and industrial application of the new oxygen-rich CIL technique for gold recovery brought China’s CIP technique to a new stage, and made a new contribution to enhancing gold leaching, shortening leaching time, reducing cyanide consumption, saving capital cost, lowering production cost and further improving technical and economic indexes of gold recovery.

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