Jiang Jimu
DATE:14 November 2017
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Jiang Jimu (male, born in 1938, CPC member, professorate senior engineer, National Design Master, awarded with Special Government Allowances of the State Council) graduated from the Non-ferrous Metallurgy Faculty of Central-South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in 1962. He acted as vice president and the chief engineer of China Nonferrous Engineering and Research Institute, the chairman of the technical committee of China Nonferrous Engineering and Research Institute, an executive member of NFSOC, a deputy chairman of China Sulfuric Acid Industry Association, a member of China Tungsten Industry Association, the editorial board member of The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals, the member of the expert committee of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation and the member of the expert committee of China National Association of Engineering Consultants. Now he serves as a senior consulting expert of China ENFI Engineering Corporation.

He has won the first prize of Ministerial Excellent Engineering Design for 5 times, the gold award, sliver award, bronze award and the special prize of National Excellent Engineering Design for 1 time respectively, the first prize of Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress for 2 times, the second prize of Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress for 3 times, and the first prize and second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress for 1 time respectively.

The large-sized flash smelting nickel refiner in Jinchuan was built in 1992. The design was organized by him. Compared to other technologies, the flash smelting technology features higher productivity, lower energy consumption (energy-saving rate: >20%) and higher desulfurization degree (sulfur utilization rate: >95%), and can effectively avoid environmental pollution. Besides, it produces nickel matte with higher grade, which reduces load of converting equipment and shortens converting time.

During design of Fukang Nickel Refiner organized by Mr.Jiang, the pressure oxidation process (POX) was adopted for the first time in China, and the pressure leaching autoclave was developed. THe process flow of “ball-milling of high nickel matte → 2-stage counter-flow selective leaching → cobalt removal from black nickel → nickel electrowinning”, the process accumulated experience for POX development in the future.

He organized and succeeded in studying the new oxygen bottom-blowing lead smelting process. As the pioneering process in the world, it essentially produves a fundamental solution to sulfur pollution and damage upon the environment.

He also organized the technical study on tantalum (Ta) and niobium (Nb) enrichment from tin slag by inhibiting titanium reduction. The Ta-Nb enrichment ratio is up to 5~7, much higher than those (4~4.5) by patented technologies in the USA, Japan and Germany, and is at an advanced level in the world..

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