Nine centers
DATE:14 November 2017
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Nine centers——nine engineering technology centers, including the Engineering Research Center of Deep Shaft Mining & Paste Filling; Engineering Research Center of Heavy Metal Oxygen Bottom-blown Smelting; Engineering Research Center of Laterite Ore Metallurgy; Engineering & Technology Center of PV & Solarthermal Electricity, MCC; Engineering & Technology Center of Waste Incineration to Energy, MCC; Polysilicon Engineering Research Center of Henan Province; National Safety Engineering Center of Metal and Nonmetal Mine Tailings; National Safety Engineering R&D Center of Underground Metal and Nonmetal Mines; and CP (cleaner production) Engineering & Technology Center of Rare Earth Metallurgy, MCC. Combined with business blocks and future technological development demands and by following the engineering research center construction conditions issued by MST (Ministry of Science and Technology), NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) and MCC, the overall planning layout of engineering research center is completed and nine engineering research centers are set up. All scientific problem tackling projects planned during the 12th Five-Year Plan are carried out through the platform above.

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