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DATE:31 January 2018
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Polysilicon is a kind of ultrapure new energy material. It is a key essential material in production of IC and semiconductors, and also a core material in rapid development of PV power generation industry.

Polysilicon products

Polysilicon downstream products

ENFI is specialized in silicon material R&D, design and industrialization operation, and has formed a series of systems for polysilicon with proprietary intellectual property rights and relevant technology patents. Now, 156 technologies applied for patents of which 61 have been approved. New Energy-efficient and Environmental Polysilicon Production Technology, Equipment and Industrialization Technology which is technically integrated and has been verified in industrialization was honored with Second Prize of 2012 National Scientific and Technological Progress. In addition, an Outstanding Contribution Award for Environment Protection, a National Outstanding Patent Award and multiple Provincial Special Awards and First Prizes for Scientific and Technological Progress have also been won.

ENFI always adheres to the sustainable development concept of independent R&D, scientific innovation, top quality and high efficiency. ENFI established Henan Polysilicon R&D Center in 2006. The NDRC approved establishment of National-level Polysilicon Preparation Technology Engineering Laboratory in 2008 which is the only national-level key engineering laboratory to develop polysilicon preparation technologies. The engineering laboratory has six R&D platforms for chlorosilane separation and purification technology, highly-efficient polysilicon reduction technology, silicon tetrachloride hydrogenation technology, polysilicon reduction technology, high-purity polysilicon post-processing technology and reduction offgas dry recovery technology, and one test and analysis center to study the process with high quality, low consumption and low cost to improve industrial technology.

China’s Only National Polysilicon Preparation Technology Engineering Laboratory

ENFI undertook 2 tasks of the “863 Program”, 3 tasks of National Key Technology Support Program during “11th Five-Year Plan” period, 3 tasks of Electronic Information Industry Development Fund Projects, 2 tasks of National Key Technology Support Program during “12th Five-Year Plan” period, and 50 provincial research tasks. Currently, there are more than 50 tasks; ENFI has a post-doctoral scientific research workstation to attract talents. An industry-university-research cooperation pattern has taken shape.

National 863 Program--24-pair rod polysilicon reductive furnace

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