Beijing Yuejialou Railway Residential Quarters
DATE:18 November 2017
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In Beijing, the formally approved affordable housing project is located in Zhengchangzhuang, Fengtai District. Construction land of this project is 19.45a, and the gross floor area is 540,000 m2, among which area of the residential buildings is 410,000 m2 and area of the supporting public buildings is 130,000 m2. Total number of flats is 3,400, with a green ratio of 35.12%. This project was kicked off at the end of 2000 and took over at the end of 2002.

The residential quarters surrounded by urban roads or railway facilities are easily affected by traffic noise, dust and hybrid traffic flow. Entrance and the buildings of the quarters are kept away from the railway and urban roads within the required distance. As affordable houses for ordinary railway staff, the purchase power and affordability of them were especially considered in planning and design, in the hope of creating life space and place suitable for the railway staff.

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