NCPA Stage Project
DATE:18 November 2017
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The project is designed to consist of three performance venues: Opera House, Theatre, Concert Hall and a small theater.

The mechanical equipment is the most costly among the NCPC procurement of infrastructure works. The equipment has pushing, moving, lifting, lowering and revolving functions. NCPC has the scene-change equipment, the world original stage wagon interchange technology, tilting stage wagons for ballet performance, battens, track singe-point cranes, and free single-point cranes. The quantity of the equipment has ranks first among the similar theaters in China.

Theatre’s stages have two forms: a proscenium stage and a thrust stage. The stages consist of main stage, left and right auxiliary stages and back stage. The main stage is a drum revolving stage consisting of 13 elevating blocks and 2 elevating platforms which can be lifted together or separately. The drum revolving stage is unique in the world. It can be lifted and revolved simultaneously. The unique design of thrust apron stage meets characteristics of traditional Chinese Drama.

In the small theater, the open stage is of end-type, consisting of two elevating platforms which can be lifted together or separately as required. There are two walls behind the stage: sound proof wall and floor-type tempered glass wall which seem very ordinary but in fact there is a trick: the two walls can be folded towards left and right sides. When they are opened completely, a 500m2 outdoor sunken square like a back garden comes into view, and it is amazing. The outdoor sunken square can serve as performance background or stage. The form of integrating indoor stage with outdoor stage can expand the stage space and diversify performance, and provide creators with more space for imagination and free play.

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