Environmental Impact Assessment
DATE:17 November 2017
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(1) EIA on technical transformation project - expansion of mining and beneficiation scale of Dexing Copper Mine of Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd.

Dexing Copper Mine is China's largest joint venture for non-ferrous metal mining and beneficiation, and also the China's largest open-pit mine with the Asia's largest tailings pond.

(2) EIA on Zn smelting resource comprehensive utilization project of Northwest Lead & Zinc Smelter in Baiyin

It is the technical modification project of old industrial base for lead and zinc smelting, which achieves the reclamation and hazard-free treatment of zinc hydrometallurgy waste.

(3) EIA on Jiangsu Minan electric vehicle production project

It is the innovative and environmentally-friendly energy vehicle production project, which promotes the localization of full-vehicle production of pure electric vehicles.

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