Ropeway for Yichun Mingyue Mountain in Jiangxi
DATE:17 November 2017
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This ropeway was commenced in July 2003, and completed in April 2004. It is of the monocable circulating 2-passanger cabinlift type (with fixed grips), with the horizontal distance of 2,226.285 m, elevation difference of 1,078.7 m and one-way transport capacity of 300 people / hour.

This ropeway adopts several technical devices and measures invented by ENFI, such as the hydraulic-tension return system with automatic shift compensating wire residual elongation, fixed suspension driving system driven directly by both main and auxiliary motors, large-span automatic adjustment and balance device for affixing force at the end of wind load-resistant wheels on both sides, and multi-head & multi-wheel interlinking bracket, etc.

It is the ropeway with largest elevation difference among ropeways of the same type in Asia.

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