Offgas desulfurization project of Douhe Power Plant (2×200 MW)
DATE:17 November 2017
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It is the first power plant offgas desulfurization project designed by ENFI. The "limestone-gypsum" wet offgas desulfurization process is adopted, with the designed throughput of offgas of 2×830,000Nm3/h and the SO2 content in offgas of about 2,800mg/Nm3. Each furnace is provided with one absorption tower, and the tower is a "high-efficiency cyclone plate tower" with China's independent intellectual property right. The desulfurization system was commenced in Sep. 2004 and commissioned smoothly in Dec. 2005, with the desulfurization rate of higher than 95%, which is China's first project fully adopting Chinese offgas desulfurization technology.

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