Offgas-based acid making system of Daye Smelter (IV series)
DATE:17 November 2017
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China ENFI cooperates with America MECS in the design work, to deal with the copper smelting offgas from the converter, and the designed capacity of system is 270,000t/a concentrated sulfuric acid.

The acid-making process package and key equipment of MECS are adopted, and ENFI is in charge of the overall design. The acid-making process is composed of diluted acid scrubbing with adiabatic humidification and double conversion & double absorption. Each heat exchanger (excluding SO3 cooler) in the conversion section is provided with the by-pass line and additional by-pass of Stage I catalyst layer, thus achieving a good heat stability of the system. The project is commenced in 2003 and ran successfully on its first commissioning in Feb. 2004.

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