Low concentration SO2 offgas-based acid making project cooperated with Denmark TOPSOE Company
DATE:17 November 2017
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ENFI undertakes the design work with the cooperation of Denmark TOPSOE Company, to deal with the offgas from the lead smelting system; the contact process is adopted, with the sulfur content of 2.5%, the offgas volume at inlet of 70,000Nm3/h and the acid output of 60,000t/a.

The "3+1 double conversion & double absorption acid-making" process is adopted. The converter is filled with high-efficiency and quality catalysts and provided with the backup line and temperature control valve, so as to control the optimal temperature at the gas inlet on each converter layer and achieve a higher conversion rate, as well as reduce the investment under the circumstance of ensuring the conversion rate.

The application of DCS control system ensures the stable operation, energy conservation and consumption reduction of the whole system and the labor intensity reduction of workers, and makes the whole device reach a high automation level.

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