6# sintering machine offgas desulfurization project of Pangang Group
DATE:17 November 2017
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ENFI undertakes the design work, with the designed throughput of offgas of about 550,000Nm3/h and SO2 concentration in offgas of higher than 5,500mg/Nm3. The whole set of desulfurization system includes the offgas absorption device, regeneration device and absorption solution desalination device, as well as necessary water, power, steam supply systems and instrumentation control systems. This project was completed and put into operation in Feb. 2009, with the desulfurization rate of higher than 99% and SO2 concentration in cleaned offgas of lower than 50mg/Nm3.

The renewable organic solution - "ion solution" with China's independent intellectual property right is used as the desulfurization absorber, combined with the classical "absorption-desorption" process in chemical industry, which makes it possible to absorb SO2 under low temperature, desorb SO2 under high temperature and realize the regeneration of absorber; the high-concentration SO2 collected is used for producing sulfuric acid.

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