1,250 MTPD sulfur-based acid plant in Egypt
DATE:17 November 2017
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ENFI is responsible for providing the EPC service, including process package, preliminary design, detailed design, equipment and material procurement, construction management, personnel training, test run, commissioning and one-year quality warranty period, etc.

This project is designed to produce 98.5±0.3%H2SO4 at an output of 1,250t/d; waste heat is used for power generation with a rated power generation of 15MW/h. The sulfuric acid plant ran successfully on its first commissioning in July 2009, and all indexes have reached or exceeded the designed guarantee value from operation up to now.

The world's most advanced "3+1 double-conversion & double-absorption" process is adopted, where the SO2 conversion rate can reach 99.8%. The process package and key non-standard equipment (e.g. converter, heat exchanger, absorption tower and sulfur melting device, etc.) are all designed by adopting Chinese self-retained technologies.

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