Offgas emission reduction and utilization project for zinc volatilizing kiln of Mengzi Metallurgy Co., Ltd.
DATE:17 November 2017
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ENFI undertakes the design work, with the use of zinc oxide desulfurization technology developed by itself.

The offgas throughput is designed to be 100,000Nm3/h and SO2 concentration 5,000mg/Nm, while the actual SO2 concentration in offgas is 10,000-12,000mg/Nm3. The trial run was successful in April 2012, based on the measurement by environmental protection department, the desulfurization efficiency of SO2 is more than 98% and the emission is kept at about 100mg/Nm3. The equipment has been running smoothly since the commissioning.

The desulfurization absorber comes from the zinc-bearing electric arc furnace dust produced by the smelting system, and desulfurization by-products - zinc sulfite solid and zinc sulfate solution return to the smelting system; throughout the entire process, the existence form of zinc and sulfur elements changes constantly, products are reused and no waste is produced, so no absorber needs to be purchased while the SO2 in offgas is further recovered, which is in full compliance with relevant requirements of circular economy and sustainable development policies.

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