ENFI Appeared at Indian Lead and Lead Battery Exhibition
DATE:01 August 2014
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The International Conference on Sustainable Development and Exhibition of Lead and Lead Battery organized by India Zinc Lead Development Association was held in New Delhi, India from July 28 to 29, which was attended by more than a hundred enterprises from India, China, Italy and other countries. ENFI attended the exhibition jointly with China Non-ferrous Metal Industry's Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd., and introduced its three major business areas – engineering integration (engineering design, consultation and EPC contracting), new energy and resource development while presenting ENFI's core specialty – oxygen bottom-blowing technology and oxygen bottom-blowing continuous converting technology.

Wu Weiguo from the Metallurgy Department I of ENFI gave a speech entitled China's Secondary Lead Recycle Process and New Technology for Continuous Reduction Smelting of Diachylon in the forum. The paper China's SKS Lead Smelting Technology written by Deng Zhaolei from the Metallurgy  Department I of ENFI was also included in the collection of conference papers.

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