Lu Zhifang Invited to Attend the Commencement Ceremony of Namibian Husab Project
DATE:13 May 2014
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On May 8, Namibian Husab uranium ore mining project of China General Nuclear Power Group was formally started, which meant that the world’s second largest uranium mine officially started mining production. The Board Chairman Lu Zhifang was invited to attend the Commencement Ceremony in Namibia.

Husab uranium mine, located in Namib Desert in the west of Namibia, is one of important discoveries in Africa and even the world’s uranium resources exploration areas for nearly a decade, with uranium resource reserve ranking the third in the world and total available resources of uranosouranic oxide up to 286,000 tons. At present Husab uranium mine is China’s largest industrial investment project in Africa.

ENFI undertakes the engineering design, equipment supply and delivery to the site, equipment installation, and commissioning of sulfur-based acid plant with production capacity of 1,500 tons per day.

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