Liu Cheng Meets Chilean Ambassador to China
DATE:16 September 2015
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On Sep. 15, ENFI’s vice president Mr. Liu Cheng visited Mr. Jorge Heine, Chilean ambassador to China, and Mr. Andreas Pierotic, C&E Minister-Counselor of the Chilean Embassy.

Liu Cheng introduced to the Ambassador Jorge Heine ENFI’s excellent achievements in world’s nonferrous engineering field during the past 60 years. He emphasized on the Bottom-blowing Smelting Technology (SKS/BBS technology), which is independently researched and invented by ENFI. The technology, introduced by Mr. Liu Cheng, has been promoted and applied in many projects in China and abroad and has been patented in many countries including Chile, Peru and Australia, etc. Featuring with strong flexibility to different feed compositions and distinct advantages in such as environmental performance and economic benefits, ENFI-brand SKS/BSS technology has ushered a new era in copper and gold smelting field. In recent years, ENFI has opened up continuously Chilean market and has been in in-depth cooperation with Codelco, Anglo American, ENAMI and other Chilean companies. Mr. Liu Cheng said that, to advance and put into practice the “Sino-Chilean Mining Cooperation” framework which is put forward by the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang during his visit to the South America, ENFI is willing to provide engineering services for the Chilean market by utilizing its patented technology and rich experience in nonferrous engineering field.      

Jorge Heine expressed appreciation for what ENFI has achieved in the Chilean market. He pointed out that Sino-Chilean cooperation had been expanding from the foremost nonferrous field to infrastructure construction, new energy and other fields, yet copper industry was still the cornerstone in the bilateral cooperation. The Ambassador also hoped that ENFI could provide more engineering services for Chile by taking its own advantage in polysilicon industry, photovoltaic power generation industry, waste incineration power generation and water resource, etc.

Currently in the context of the New Normal, cooperation between China and Latin America is at a higher level. In-depth mutual communication and merging between China and Chile will create new opportunity and platform for the common sustainable development of ENFI and Chilean corporations. ENFI will also highly focus on continuing excavating the Chilean market. By combining globalization and localization, ENFI will cooperate with Chilean corporations based on complementary advantages so as to achieve mutual benefits and to tap the potential of the Chilean market to the full. They will get the cooperation mode innovated, seek growth and create new spotlight, during which, their industrial responsibilities will be demonstrated and mutual development be realized.   

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