ENFI’s participation in the 2nd Copper Concentrates Conference in London
DATE:13 October 2015
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During October 8th and 9th, Metal Bulletin’s 2nd Copper Concentrates Conference was held in London. Liu Cheng, vice president of ENFI, was invited to the conference.

In the conference, Doctor Li Bing from ENFI’s Metallurgy Department No.1 delivered a speech named “Oxygen Bottom-blowing Copper Smelting Technology”. In that speech, he reviewed the development history and technical advantages of ENFI’s bottom-blowing copper smelting technology (SKS technology) with independent  intellectual property rights, introduced  its successful applications of dealing with complex copper concentrate, equipment enlargement and double SKS (SKS smelting+ SKS converting) technology. The speech attracted wide attention from media and experts in the conference.

As international copper price keeps on dropping, impurity in copper concentrate increases and environmental protection laws become increasingly strict, the investment, construction and operation of domestic and foreign copper smelters are facing unprecedented challenges. Currently, Chile and other countries are confronted with problems such as outdated smelting technology, high production cost and poor environmental protection indexes. Due to the application of new technology like bottom-blowing copper smelting technology, Chinese copper smelting industry is flourishing, becoming world copper smelting industry benchmark. In the process of realizing international transcendence and leading, ENFI’s bottom-blowing lead smelting and copper smelting technologies have been applied for patents in Chile, Peru, Australia, India, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia and many other countries. ENFI’s oxygen bottom-blowing technology has attracted wide global attention. Based on high attention obtained before, ENFI’s attendance and speech in this conference leads to more attention and heated discussion in the industry, which will establish the foundation for oversea marketing of ENFI’s technology and brand and increase impetus for ENFI’s continuous innovation and technology development.

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