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Knife gate valve
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Applicable conditions: In the transportation of mineral materials in the metallurgical industry, it is often necessary to cut off or discharge the mineral media in the pipeline. After the valve is turned off, the pressure difference between the front and the back of the valve can reach 10.0 MPa, and the material is piled up in the valve cavity, which is prone to failure of the valve seal or the valve core being damaged by material flushing.

结构特点:Structure characteristic                              


Two-way zero leakage shut-off, can be installed in any direction;


Reliable packing seal, no external leakage;

★自清洁,阀门滑动流畅, 操作轻松

Self-cleaning, smooth valve sliding, easy operation;


★The side of the ram is sealed and the operating thrust is small;

★ 结构牢固,紧凑,安装方便

★ Structure is firm, compact and easy to install;


★ wear-resistant, long life and easy maintenance;


★The embedded seat is not subject to material scouring;


★Stroke guide, disc opening and closing of stable

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