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Renewable Desulfurizer( polymer organic desulfurize )
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Renewable Desulfurizer( polymer organic desulfurize )

Renewable desulfurizer is independently developed patented product by China ENFI, and is a high efficient flue gas desulfurizer. The desulfurizer can enrich sulfur dioxide in flue gas and be used circularly. The desulfurizer has a fast absorption rate, high desulfurization effciency, and can be used circularly, etc.

The product can extract sulfur dioxide gas from flue gas to form high concentration sulfur dioxide (99.9%, dry base) which can be delivered to sulfur acid workshop for making acid with the requirements of the client’s needs, or used for producing liquid sulfur dioxide and sulfur dioxide derivatives. The produce can be used circularly and enrich sulfur from flue gas. The absorbent is a pale yellow viscous liquid, dissolves easily in water and alcohol, and a excellent performance desulfurizer.


Relative density (20/20℃):1.02-1.05;

Boiling point (101.3Kpa): 245.5-255℃;

Solubility: miscible with water.

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