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Multifunctional Composite Filter Material
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  采用先进成网工艺和空气流输送纤维,以形成纤维束杂乱排列的均匀纤网,可达到纤维网的结构要求,进一步降低滤料阻力、增强了滤料纵横向强比。其出色的理化性能及力学性能,打破了多年来国外产品的技术垄断。不仅大幅降低了过滤式除尘的使用和维护成本,而且大幅提高了过滤式除尘的使用范围及除尘效率。  该产品具有优良的可透性,一部分污物粒子被阻挡在靠近上游的表面,一些小的粒子进入过滤介质内部,在收缩,膨胀,压力效应等作用下吸附在孔壁上沉积下来形成尘架,气体由间隙排除,粒子则被阻挡在尘架内部,该系列产品具有低压力损失、高过滤精度、大纳污容量、过滤效率高及寿命长等优点。


Multifunctional Composite Filter Material

Multifunctional composite filter material is independentlydeveloped high technological product by China ENFI, and canbe used for flue gas removal of various working condition innonferrous metallurgy.  Filter material adopts advanced network technologyand fi ber conveyed by air fl ow to form uniform fi ber network ofdisorderly arrangement that can meet the structural requirementof fiber network for further reducing filter material resistanceand enhancing filter material vertical and horizontal strengthratio. Material’s excellent physical and chemical properties andmechanical properties break technological monopoly of foreignproducts over the years. This material not only significantlyreduces the use and maintenance cost of fi ltering dust removal,but also significantly increases the scope and efficiency offi ltering dust removal.  The product has excellent permeable. A portion of the dirtparticles are blocked near the upstream surface, and some smallparticles enter into the fi ler material interior, and are absorbed onthe pore wall to form dust frame under the effect of shrinkage,expansion, pressure and other factors. The gas is eliminatedby the gap and the particles are blocked in the dust frame.The series products have the advantages of low pressure loss,high fi ltering accuracy, large absorption capacity, high fi ltrationeffi ciency and long service lift.

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