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Single boom drilling jumbo
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  DW1-31是 单臂液压凿岩台车,可用于最大横断面为31m2的矿山巷道掘进以及隧道掘进。





DW1-31 is single boom hydraulic drilling jumbo, applied to mining and tunneling project, coverage area is 31 m².

High performance drilling system with high- drilling frequency, low drilling tool wastage and stable function. The main motor supply power to drive the pump, and control drifter by hydraulic valve and all hydraulic components execute all actions.

Solid and multi-functional boom can cover area to maximum. And has the automatically paraleling mechanism, which makes it can drill fast and easily.

The jumbo is designed to have a good view,the 53KW diesel engine is used to provide power to drive the four-wheel drive during driving. The fastest speed is 12Km/h, which ensures smooth operation in narrow tunnel.

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