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SLon High Extraction Magnetic Filtration
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SLon High Extraction Magnetic Filtration

Scope of application

  This is for the separation of metal minerals in fine particle size, and also for the purification of the non-metallic minerals, such as feldspar, quartz sand, kaolin, nepheline, fluorite, kyanite, sillimanite and etc., which could get the good separation effect for the non-metallic minerals in fine fraction especially.

  Combined with the use of this equipment and our SLon vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator, it can produce non-metallic concentrates in high quality with the high added value.


  1. The adoption of the special magnetic matrix, it could precisely capture the magnetic minerals which could be removed completely;

  2. The background magnetic field is with continuously adjustable which could reach 1.8T in maximum;

  3. Equipped with PLC full automatic control system, no need disassemble and wash;

  4. The matrix is without clogging by the discharge method of the combination usage of high pressure water flushing in both clockwise and anticlockwise way, along with the pulsating high pressure air cleaning.

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