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Drytech GTF
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  设备特点:干式选矿,节约水资源,提高入磨品位,节约能源。多级磁系, 磁性矿粒在经过筒体表面时磁翻滚强烈,分离效果显著。筒体转速无级调速,可以通过精尾矿分离器灵活调整选矿指标。



Drytech GTF

Scope of application

  1. For dealing with the preconcentration of low grade magnetic minerals, specially for their ore fines;

  2. Removal mags from non-metallic minerals;

  3. The tailings reproduction in dry condition;

  4. The magnetic separation purification for sulphuric acid slag powder;

  5. The purification for concentrate iron fines and etc.


  1. The mineral separation in dry condition to water saving;

  2. It could upgrade before ore grinding to energy conservation;

  3. multilevel magnetic system design, the magnetic mineral grains can roll strongly through the drum surface in order to get the significant separation effect;

  4. Equipped with stepless frequency speed adjustment, the mineral dressing index could be adjusted flexibly by its fine tailings separator.

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