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SLon Centrifuge
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SLon Centrifuge

Scope of application

1. The separation and recovery for the ferrous metal, nonferrous metal, noble metal and rare metal minerals in fine particles, such as magnetite, hematite, specularite, wolframite, tin ore, lead-zinc ore, gold, barite and etc..

2. The recovery of the fine metal minerals from the various mining tailings.


SLon Centrifuge could separate the different ore particles into groups due to its difference in density. It depends on centrifugal force to strengthen the flow of membrane for separation which greatly improves the processing capacity of the equipment and lower the lower limit of the particle size for the available recovery. SLon centrifuge could get the good mineral processing index. It is with low lower limit for fine mineral particles, low energy consumption and without environment pollution. SLon Centrifuge not only can be used as cleaner of SLon HGMS/WHIMS, but also can be used independently as gravity separation for different minerals.

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