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Mining High Concentrated Paste Filling Process Equipment with Control System
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  betvictor备用网址自主开发的专利产品,适用于全尾砂、分级尾砂的浓缩,可满足各种浓度的尾砂浓缩贮存。获国家科技进步二等奖,2015 年被国家安监总局列入第一批《金属非金属矿山新型适用安全技术及装备推广目录》。



  通过采用betvictor备用网址的专利脱水装置或采用分级脱水技术和深锥浓密机脱水充填工艺技术,将(细粒级)尾砂直接低成本地制备成高浓度(72%以上)料浆或膏体, 能从脱水装置底部排出,可以再适当添加水泥、粉煤灰、炉渣等, 搅拌混合均匀后,通过管道自流或泵送设备输送至井下采空区或地表尾矿堆场。可提高采矿回收率和资源综合利用率。

  该产品可满足各种高浓度尾砂充填,甚至膏体充填的需要,能实现井下少脱水或不脱水,改善井下的作业环境,减少排泥费用。自动化控制系统可有效控制物料比、膏体料浆浓度等重要指标, 保证生产过程的高效、稳定运行。



Mining High Concentrated Paste Filling Process Equipment with Control System

The patented product independently developed by China ENFI is applicable to whole tailings and classified tailings concentration, and also suitable for tailings concentration storage devices of various high concentrated tailings filling and paste filling. The technology is honored with Second Prize of National Scientific and Technical Progress, and identified as the international advance done.

It is listed in the first lot of <Metals and Non-metals Mines New Applicable Safety Technology and Equipment Promoted Directory>by State Administration of Work Safety in 2015.It is possible for tailings concentration storage device to feed the material as well as discharge the tailings at the same time for which the cost of tailings concentration is significantly reduced and tailings discharging performance is improved at most. By special tailings discharging facility and the technology of pressure control and flow-aiding, the activated slurry making is up-graded after high efficient precipitation and clarification and de hydration, and underflow density of concentration equipment and device is stabilized, by which the high concentrated fi ne tailings fillings slurry or paste can be prepared directly and economically. Underflow tailings concentration is 72%~80%, and rate of flow is up to 50~200m/h.

The mining recovery and resource comprehensive utilization can be increased through applying China ENFI patented dehydration device or classified dehydration technique and deep cone thickener dehydration filling process technique, preparing high concentrated (over 72%) slurry or paste from fi ne tailings directly and economically and discharging from bottom of the dehydration device, adding cement, coal ash, slag appropriately and mixing properly, flowing automatically by pipe or being delivered to underground mined-out area or surface tailings stockpiling by pumping equipment. The product is applicable to whole tailings and classified tailings concentration, and also satisfied to the requirements of various high concentrated tailings filling and even for paste filling. It is possible that underground less dehydration or non-dehydration can be realized, for which underground working environment is improved and sludge discharging cost is decreased. The equipment automatic control system can effectively control the material ratio, paste slurry concentration, and other important indicators, guarantee efficient and stable operation of the production process.

It is successfully applied to the projects of DongguashanCopper Mine, Project of Chongli Zinjin Mines Company Limited, Xianglushan Tungsten Mine, Huibaoling Iron Mine, TonglvshanCopper Mine, Tongshankou Copper Mine, Baixiangshan Iron Mine,Huize Lead and Zinc Mine, Chambishi Copper Mine, Sareke CopperMine and Daye Iron Mine.

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