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Oxygen bottom blowing for Copper Smelting and Control system
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  底吹炉是betvictor备用网址自主开发专利产品,主要应用于炼铜、炼铅工艺,被英国《金属导报》评价为 “技术指明了金属冶炼行业乃至多个领域未来十年、数十年,乃至上百年的发展方向”。目前世界最大底吹炉(卧式回转炉)即出自betvictor备用网址,处理能力达150万吨精矿/ 年。

  氧气底吹炼铜:betvictor备用网址自主常识产权的先进技术,具有环保好,铜回收率高,操作安全,炉寿长,投资省等突出优点。第一台Ф3.1×11m 工业规模的氧气底吹铜熔炼炉于2008 年在越南生权建成投产;Ф4.4×16.5m 底吹炼铜炉相继在东营、恒邦建成投产;Ф4.8×20m 铜底吹炉在垣曲投产;完成了Ф5.5×27.5m 和Ф5.8×30m 的大型底吹炼铜炉的设计和供货。其中Ф5.8×30m 底吹熔炼炉是目前世界上最大的卧式回转炉。  正在研发底吹连续炼铜技术(国家863 项目),即将底吹熔炼—底吹吹炼—粗铜精炼相串连,实现连续炼铜。第一台Ф4.4×18m 连续吹炼炉已在豫光建成投产,第一期炉寿达16 个月,已达产达标。  获部级科技进步一等奖、部级优秀工程设计一等奖。正在向智利、印尼等国家推广。

  规模能力:铜冶炼适应5 ~ 8 万吨;30 万吨;50 ~ 60 万吨;80 ~ 100 万吨,最高至150 万吨/ 年铜精矿处理量。


Bottom blowing furnace is initially created by China ENFI, and is mainly applied in Copper and Lead smelting process. It is evaluated by famous <Metals Bulletin> of Great Britain as” the technology indicates the development direction for metal metallurgy industry and many other fields in the coming ten years, decades and even hundred years.” The largest bottom blowing furnace (horizontal rotary furnace) in the world up to now is developed in China ENFI with the capacity of concentrate throughput 1.5Mt/a.

Oxygen bottom blowing for Copper Smelting: It is self-owned patent advanced technology developed by China ENFI with outstanding advantages such as good environment protection, high rate of copper recovery, safe operation, long life of equipment and less investment. The first industrial oxygen bottom blowing copper smelting furnace of Ф3.1×11m is built and put into operation in Sin Quen of Vietnam in 2008; Ф4.4×16.5m bottom blowing copper smelting furnace has been built and put into operation in Dongying and Hengbang in succession; Ф4.8×20m has been run into operation in Yuanqu. It is completed design and supply of Ф5.5×27.5m and Ф5.8×30m large bottom blowing copper smelting furnace. The Ф5.8×30m bottom blowing smelting furnace is the largest horizontal rotary furnace in the world.  It is being researched and developed currently bottom blowing consecutive copper smelting technology (National863 Project), which is to link bottom blowing smelting—bottom blowing converting—blister copper refining and realize the process of consecutive copper smelting. The fi rst consecutive converting furnace of Ф4.4×18m has been put into operation in Yuguang, furnace life in the first period amounts to 16 months and the operation index has been also achieved.

The technology is honored with First Prize of Ministerial Scientific and Technical Progress, Ministerial Excellent Engineering Design First Prize, and it is now on the way further popularizing in Chile and Indonesia.

Capacity: Copper smelting is adaptable to 50,000~80,000t/a, 300,000t/a, 500,000~600,000t/a, 800,000~1,000,000t/a and 1,500,000t/a at most of copper concentrate throughput.

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