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Oxygen Lance
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The patented product independently developed by China ENFI is specially applied to bottom blowing furnace for oxygen supply manufactured by special heat-resistant material. The bottom blowing furnace can achieve the best working condition by adjusting oxygen provision. It can be supplied completely with bottom blowing furnace or separately to provide improved supporting accessories scheme.  The product has such advantages as injected airflow bubble with small diameter, high degree of dispersion, strong agitation, perfect performance of heat and mass transmission, little splashing, smelting bath surface stable and mushy and long life, which enable the bottom blowing furnace get to a good situation of smelting and converting.

It has been successfully applied in the projects of Shuikoushan, Hengbang, Huading, Dongying, ZhongyuanGold, India, Mengzi, Shadian, Chifengshanjin, Yuguang and Yuanqu.

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