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High Temperature and Pressure Leaching System
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  加压浸出是将物料送入(或经过预热后送入)加压釜,在釜内通入反应试剂(酸或碱或氧气)进行加温加压浸出(120~260℃),反应后釜内物料通过特殊的闪蒸装置将物料降到常压饱和沸点状态,并输送给下游工序的过程。  该工艺能处理成分复杂及低品位资源,迅速有效地浸出原料中的有价金属,实现常压状态下难以达到的浸出率,能耗低、环境友好,能综合回收资源中有价金属以及实现渣资源化。






  betvictor备用网址兼有闪蒸装置专长技术及完善操作程序,可以保证装置在最恶劣的工况体系下可靠运行。  加压浸出技术核心装备成功应用于巴新瑞木红土镍矿、衢州华友硫化铜钴镍、呼伦贝尔驰宏矿业锌氧压浸出、贵州紫金氧压预处理等项目。


High Temperature and Pressure Leaching System

The patented product independently developed by China ENFI is composed of preheater, autoclave, flashing system and is widely applied to the process of large-scale laterite ore, sulphide ore (including cobalt, copper and nickel), refractory gold concentrate, hematite iron removal, copper anode slime and aluminum oxide etc. The excellent quality and stable performance of the equipment has won the customer affirm and trust. Up hold the concept of Safe, Stable and Efficient, replying on the strong technical strength, China ENFI will provide different customers with professional services in the field of pressure leaching technology and equipment.

Pressure leaching process

The raw material (or after preheated) is fed into the auto clave, reacting with reagent (acid, alkali or oxygen) and leached under high temperature(120~260℃) and pressure. After reacting, the material reduced to atmospheric pressure and saturated to boiling point to next process.  The pressure leaching process is applicable to processing the complex and low grade ore, rapidly and effectively leaching of valuable metals from raw materials, to increase the leaching rate under atmospheric pressure with low energy consumption and friendly environment and comprehensive recovery of valuable metals and realization of slag recovery and utilization.


China ENFI independently developed preheater is widely used in sulfide ore pulp and laterite ore pulp preheating system, and can reduce the system consumption of heat source medium and reach higher energy utilization rate. The preheater’s operation and maintenance costs are lower than similar products.


Autoclave is the core equipment of leaching process, and its performance is directly related to the overall operating rate of the system.

China ENFI independently developed autoclave has reached and exceeded the nominal effective work rate. The autoclave can perform well and ensure the stable operation of the plant under severe non-uniform scaling ore pulp system or serious wear and tear conditions. For saving a lot of maintenance cost of enterprises, China ENFI receives praise from clients.

Flashing system

China ENFI has the flashing system technical expertise and improve operating procedures. The system can ensure drive reliable operation in the toughest conditions.

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