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Cleaning Machine of the Feeding Port
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  ?  整机可移动,能够实现多个加料口的选择性清理;

  ?  移动小车带有定位锁紧装置,能够有效保证捅眼钎子和加料口的对中性;

  ?  升降装置带有锁紧系统,能够保证受力的合理,安全可靠;

  ?  捅眼装置可旋转,结构简单,故障率低,能够有效实现加料口圆周范围内的全面清理。


  The patented product independently developed by China ENFI is composed automatically cleaning of material blocking and adhesion at the multiple feeding ports.

  Product characteristics:

  ?  The mobile machine can realize the selective cleaning of the multiple feeding ports.

  ?  The trolley with positioning and locking device can guarantee the drill rod to the center of feeding port.

  ?  The lifting device with the locking system is to guarantee the safety and reasonable force.

  ?  The rotatable punching device has the characteristics of simply structure, low failure rate and effectively clean the feeding port.

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