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Self-baking Electrode Equipment
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  电极导电装置的设计具有结构紧凑、方便炉顶作业、电流分布均匀、压降损失小、功率因数高等优点。  成功应用于金川、吉镍、大冶、福安、金源镍业、缅甸达贡山、攀枝花、赞比亚等项目。


Self-baking Electrode Equipment

The patented product independently developed by China ENFI is comprised of electrode shell, hoisting gear, slipping device, up and down brake, conductive device and sealing device, which is specially applied to supply power for electric furnace.  Specification: Φ800mm、Φ900mm、Φ1000mm、Φ1200mm、Φ1400mm  Two hydraulic lift cylinders are applied to electrode hoisting, and the lift speed is adjustable. Electrode slipping device is completed by lift cylinders and up-and-down brake together, and the brake is in the type of disc spring block brake, which is reliable and easy for maintenance. Computer program control automatic operation can be implemented by electrode hoisting and slipping device with small range of electrode hoisting and smooth change of velocity, which can cut down workers’ operating strength and increase the efficiency of electric heating significantly.

The design of electrode conductive device has such advantages as compact structure, accessible and easy working on the top of furnace, evenly distributed current, little loss of voltage drop-down and high power factor.

It is successfully applied in the projects of Jinchuan, Ji’en Nickel,Daye, Fu’an, Jinyuan Nickel, Taguang Taung in Myanmar, Panzhihuaand Zambia.

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