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High Power Electric Furnace Process Equipment and Control System
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  betvictor备用网址自主开发的专利产品,由倒梯形炉体结构、整体弹性骨架及电极装置组成,RKEF火法炼镍铁的核心设备。  恩菲电炉是最早在国内使用的大型化电炉。

  目前已在国内福建福安、广西防城港,以及缅甸达贡山等多个项目上得到应用。随着红土矿冶炼技术飞速发展, RKEF(回转窑-电炉)镍铁冶炼工艺越来越多的在国内外得到应用。矩形电炉更易于大型化,具有结构稳定、炉体寿命长、电耗低、回收率高的特点。


  缅甸达贡山镍矿项目是中缅两国矿业领域最大的合作项目,也是中国政府“十一五”境外资源开发的五个重点项目之一,总投资8.2 亿美金。


High Power Electric Furnace Process Equipment and Control System

The patented product independently developed by China ENFI consists of inverted trapezoidal furnace body structure, overall elastic skeleton and electrode device, and it is the core equipment for RKEF pyro-metallurgical Ferro-Nickel smelting.  Ferro-Nickel electric furnace of China ENFI is the earliest large ferro-nickel electric furnace used in China. At the present time it has been applied in Fu’an of Fujian, Fangchenggang ofGuangxi, Taguang Taung of Myanmar and many other projects. With the rapid development of laterite smelting technology, RKEF (Rotary kiln—electric furnace) ferro-nickel smelting technique will be applied in domestic and overseas projects more and more. Rectangle ferro-nickel electric furnace is easier to be manufactured in large size with the characteristics of stable structure, long life of furnace body, low consumption of electricity and high recovery.

Specification: 72000kVA、36000kVA、33000kVA

Taguang Taung Nickel project is the biggest cooperation between China and Myanmar in mining field, and is also one of five important overseas resource development projects of China government in the “Eleventh Five Year” planning with the total investment of USD 0.82 billion. ENFI provide the 72000kVA nickel iron electric furnace is the largest independent design, currently running in good condition.

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