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Underground Hoist Electric Control System
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  具有安全、高效、节能的特点,适用于摩擦式、缠绕式、箕斗式、罐笼式、箕斗- 罐笼混合式等各类提升机。配套的自主常识产权控制App具有免维护、操作界面友好、安全性强的特点,目前在国内首次实现了多台提升机的全自动运行集中监视。



Underground Hoist Electric Control System

China ENFI is the domestic forerunner of the hoist electronic control technology, has a number of patents and outstanding performance in the field of mine at home and abroad, and won the provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress award for many times.

Hoist electric control system of China ENFI has the characteristics of safe, efficient and energy saving. The system can be applicable to friction type, winding type, skip type, skip-cage hybrid type, and other types of hoist. Control software with independent intellectual property has the characteristics of maintenance free, friendly operation interface and strong security. Currently, the system firstly realized the automatic operation centralized monitoring of multiple hoists in China.  China ENFI can supply comprehensive system solution of mechanical, electrical, civil, shaft construction for clients, and provide a strong support for safety and efficient development of mine

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