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YKR/ZKR Vibrating screen
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YKR/ZKR vibration screen is designed and developed with the world latest technology. It is the best choice for screening equipment in mining industry, YKR/ZKR vibrating screen is incorporated with the most advanced vibrating exciter and high strength screening frame.


1.The exciter is designed with external eccentric block structure, both side forces through the mid-depth of side plate, side plate is only in tensionpressure, the force condition of the side plate and the screen body is greatly improved. This exciter increases the excitation force, reduces parts weight, it is also easier to replacement. The exciter is connected with universal joint, it has the advantages of flexible installation, and long life.

2.The connection between side plate and beams are torsion shear high strength bolts (tensile stress is 900 mpa), it has a higher strength and easier to replace than ring groove rivet (tensile stress is 300 mpa), at the same time, it avoided micro crack phenomenon due to improper riveting to squeeze the connecting bolt holes.

3.The motor of YKR screen is connected by the transmission bearing seat and the exciter, the life of the motor is guaranteed, and the frequency of the vibrating screen can be adjusted-easily by changing the pulley.

4.The YKR screen is used the international advanced horizontal synchronous belt structure. Compared with the five gear synchronizer, the structure is simple, lighter and easy to maintain.

5.The screen frequency, amplitude and installation angle are adjustable. The motor avoid vibration by flexible coupling, it has the advantages of Tong service life, low installation requirement, stable operation and excellent vibration track.

6.The rubber spring is used for supporting of the screen, compared with the metal spring, it has the advantages of long service life, corrosion resistance, stable resonance region, low noise and small impact on foundation.

7.The NJ exciter's bearing seat and eccentric block are compact, this design makes NJ exciter has the huge vibration force, and it also can be installed in the inner hole of the side plate to eliminate trouble of changing single bearing. It takes only one hour to remove the whole assembly, reducing maintenance costs.

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